Our Work

Alpha Mercy Foundation’s poverty alleviation is orchestrated through home ownership schemes, free healthcare fairs, educational grants and micro financing projects.


Alpha mercy foundation quarterly works with a group of trained physicians, nurses, opticians to provide medical checkups in rural areas. During this exercise, patients are screened and treated for various kinds of illnesses including but not limited to malaria, arthritis, diabetes, hypertension, cataract, glaucoma. We purchase medications from reputable pharmacies and distribute these free to patients across the healthcare system in Nigeria.

We identify low-income earning families, less privileged in our society, and those that live in mud homes and build concrete adequate homes with mosquito screens so that the mosquito screens could reduce mosquito bites, thereby helping to prevent malaria and its spreak. Living in a proper home gives a general sense of self-worth and wellbeing to the entire family.


Micro Financing

Alpha mercy foundation offers business grants to enable widows who fall into extreme poverty in rural areas to start a business or augment their initial capital. This way the thriving business can earn income, provide food, education, and healthcare for their families.