Why You Should Join Us

Alpha Mercy Foundation’s poverty alleviation is orchestrated through home ownership schemes, healthcare delivery and micro financing projects. Health screenings and intervention conducted quarterly contributes to the wellbeing of the orphans and widows who cannot afford to pay for healthcare. Widows living in dilapidated mud houses are provided with good homes.


The healthcare system in Nigeria has not been able to optimally cater to its population and prevent high mortality rate resulting from disease conditions that can be treated.


The low income earners and less privileged in our society cannot access funds that could help them own their own homes.


Micro Financing

In the rural areas, widows generally fall into extreme poverty because they do not have the finances needed to own small scale businesses.

Who We Are

Alpha Mercy Foundation is a non-profit organization with a mission of reaching out to the poor and less privileged. Our immediate focus is Nigeria, providing financial support to the poor and needy, as well as uplifting and empowering them to become independent individuals who lead successful and fulfilling lives.

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